Chaos Maze

While there are plenty of scary mazes out there that might twist and turn your stomach, we guarantee that none are like the mind-blowing Chaos Maze. It delivers a different experience each time you survive your trip through its corridors.

The creatures create chaos and make mayhem at every turn and with every move they make in the Chaos Maze. Each step through the maze is a “carn-evil” experience that only the bravest attempt and only the luckiest survive. This year it’s even larger… there is now twice as much terror as in the past which means plenty of new and terrifying opportunities for you to get lost as you lose your mind.

It’s fair warning to say that limbs and lives mean nothing to the inhabitance of the Chaos Maze. If you emerge in one piece, do yourself a favor and don’t tempt fate twice… your next trip through the maze just might be your last!

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