The permanent patients in The Asylum don’t just have a few screws loose.

Far from improving their mental health, they only got worse as the quack we hired to treat them failed miserably. As time passed, the shocking experiments to which Dr. Vantas subjected each patient converted every one of them into homicidal crankcases. We learned the hard way what happens when you allow a psychiatrist take a side job as an electrician!

Sadly, poor Dr. Vantas fell victim to his own failures and lost the last of his marbles in the process of treating our patients. Unless you have a burning desire to be the next guinea pig to end up on the autopsy table yourself, you will want to keep a close eye out for him as he makes his rounds in The Asylum… just don’t be too shocked if he sees you first! He has eyes and ears everywhere and will be happy to take you on a journey through the deepest and darkest recesses of a madman’s imagination.

These days, the patients rule the roost in The Asylum and take great pleasure in conducting their own experiments on guests. Dr. Vantas tortured and trained them well. Quite frankly, we let them do what they want because we know how much fun they have frightening those foolish enough to make their way into their midst. We believe that if you are crazy enough to enter The Asylum without a platoon of Marines backing you up… then you deserve exactly what’s coming for you!

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