Not everything that dies stays dead

Since 1999, we have filled The Crypt with people and creatures that can’t quite understand that the lights have gone out in their lives. Every year, they keep coming back and selecting a few new guests to join them in their dance of the dead. Of course, we try to keep the dearly departed contained within the tight hallways, chilly crypts, steamy swamps, and eerie cemeteries.

Unfortunately for our guests, there is only so much we can do to keep them alive as they dare to encounter the dead and dearly departed. Over the years our army of the undead has shown a penchant for keeping things interesting by adding torture chambers and all sorts of fiendishly frightful attractions that have earned the underworld’s seal of approval. Each ghoul, ghost, and goblin has taken horror to a level that not even Hollywood’s horrific geniuses of gore dare to question.
From phobias and fears, to nightmarish knocks in the night, The Crypt is full of thrills that are guaranteed to quicken the heartbeat. Every noise you notice, every light you see, every sound that sends shivers up your spine just might be the one that gives your worst nightmares their own nightmares.
Best of all, the evil souls within our crypt seem to be always recruiting and we are sure they are eager to add your name to their list of rotten (and rotting) souls. If you are worried that you might make the cut, be sure to give us your name and address before you enter into The Crypt. It will make it easier for us to notify your next of kin as to your eternal whereabouts!

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